Free the Shorts! By Allison Hawn

Shorts are indeed the case here. Short true stories. Short book. But we know Ms. Hawn is just trying to get our attention with this freebie taste of her work. And she certainly does. After reading volumes of supposedly humorous blog posts and Kindle self-pubs., I was delighted to find someone who could actually make me laugh. She is funny. Hawn uses a technique I was told to use just the other day in my own work – controlled exaggeration. The raccoon is giant. The homeless folks a little more than the usual crazy. But what a fun ride. And Hawn does it with empathy for her unfortunate friends. Although at times a little heavy on the metaphors, especially similes, she has a way of making some quite unique comparisons. I loved the book. I think Allison has a great future in humor writing. And I am wondering what crabby cakes the other reviewers of this book had for breakfast.

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