Miracles in a Monastery


     As a child I thought it would be romantic to be a nun in a monastery.  Little did I know I would discover monastic life was not a                    romance.

     The Metaphor: The serenity of a mountain retreat, a monastery, against the chaos of the Catholic Church in severe

     crisis over the demand for celibacy. 

          Imagine miracles happening in a village in upstate New York where churches and Catholic retreats abound.

          Imagine three sinners saved by grace – all women – sent to a Catholic monastery to pray for the priests, monks, and

          nuns caught up in the errors of the church.


          Imagine the tremendous conflict in the lives of the men and women when they discover God is calling them out of the Catholic                      Church.

          Imagine the three women coming under fire for stirring up the religious lives of the Catholic as well as Protestant clergy and laymen.

          Imagine three women’s lives pulled apart by a calling to obey and carry out an assignment of the Lord.






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