Memories A La Carte, Essays on a Life 

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In this collection of humorous and heartfelt personal essays, I relate what it’s been like to be a woman living, growing, and surviving in America in the latter half of the twentieth century and beyond. The essays range from childhood in sunny San Fernando Valley to a joyful retirement in snowy Michigan. I talk about love and marriage, my showbiz days, divorce, depression, workforce dilemmas, motherhood, stepmotherhood and grandmotherhood – highlighting humorous and sometimes painful memories. I’m thinking there isn’t a woman out there who isn’t going to relate to some of these stories. 

Delightful, amusing, and poignant!

I so enjoyed this delightful, amusing, and poignant memoir! I found myself easily relating to the author's everywoman experiences and also intrigued by her more extraordinary ones. I look forward to reading more from her!

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