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Introducing Myself


My name is Kaye Curren.

I have been a wife (twice), a mother (twice), a stepmother (twice), a divorcee (twice), a retiree (once), and now a free woman (once and for all). Here are some highlights:

As a wife, I drove my husbands to distraction with remodeling projects and the constant moving of furniture, usually during a ball game. Husband #2 threatened me with divorce when I, as his caddy, ran the golf cart across the green. How was I to know? I am actually banned from two US and one British Columbia golf course(s). Never liked golf anyway.

As a mother, I learned to cook three kinds of spaghetti at once for picky eaters –two vegetarians - and made really awful Halloween costumes. Once I cried when I saw my daughter go off in angel wings so askew she had to lean over to keep them on.

She cried too.

My kids protested my policy that I receive 10% of their Halloween candy.

As a stepmother, hearing, “You’re not my mother,” I would reply “Thank God.” (Actually they were adorable until the age of 14.)

As a parent volunteer, I got thrown out of my daughter’s musical production for making too many suggestions to the director. I was also known to charge teachers if my kids encountered any kind of abuse. The teachers got to know me and blocked the doors when they saw me coming. Might that be why I was seldom asked to volunteer?

As a divorcee, I coped with loss of property, homelessness, joblessness, and confusion. Following all that, I obtained the peace and solitude of living alone.

In my work life I have been a singer and a dancer, a computer programmer and tech manual writer, a teacher, a freelance writer, a secretary, and an event planner.

As a singer and dancer – mixed success – one minute I was singing at the LA Music Center with Zubin Mehta– the next –I was thrown off the stage of a San Francisco opera audition.

Computer programmer and tech writer - loved the writing - hated the programming and the overnights in the office.

After twelve years as a stay at home mom, I moved back into the work force as a substitute teacher and temp office worker. As a sub and temp, I learned one hundred and one ways to hide my lack of skills which I can pass on to you. I also learned that women are often sexually harassed in the work place, a topic I don’t mind discussing. And I learned that kids can be rotten but also wonderful. Many stories to tell there.

Secretary –I was just terrible – I have much to say to you about what NOT to do.

Event Planner – Fabulous! Took to it like buttah. Could whip you up an event in a California heartbeat. I plan to use that experience to help writers plan their writing and book events.

As a writer of nonfiction – the verdict is still out. I had insane writer’s groups in CA, NY, and now Michigan. They helped hone my writing over the years but they also offered such good friendship. Having returned to writing after years of getting married, getting divorced, raising kids and stepkids, and making a living in other ways, I hope the heart and the skill are still there. Let me know if you have suggestions for me.

My blog will explore many insanities I have encountered along the way.

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