• Kaye Curren

Hooked on Homeland

I recently found out a friend of the family has a role on Homeland. My TV watching tends to lean toward dance reality shows and Project Runway so I steer away from action thrillers and espionage for two reasons:

1. I will stay awake all night trying to figure out what will happen next.

2. I will talk to myself all day about how they could have better produced, written,

directed or acted the show. I’m a critic. What can I say?

When I found out Rene, a friend of my daughters’ in New York, had a recurring role in Season 5 of Homeland, I couldn’t stand it. I had to get involved. I had never seen a person I knew on TV or in a movie. To add to my interest, I learned one of my favorite actors, Mark Ivanir, plays a Russian spy on Season 5.

So I broke my TV vows and tuned in. To catch up with what was going on, I backtracked to the first episode and now, damn it, I’m hooked on Homeland. Forget Rene. Forget Mark. Neither is in the first four episodes - but who cares? Carrie has captured me. Quinn has captured me. Yes, and Saul has captured me. And while these super stars are capturing me, they are capturing each other at a rapid rate.

So I watched Episode 5 and I'm so fixated on what’s happening to Carrie, I forgot to even notice Rene, a young man who frosted sugar cookies with us a few Christmases ago. He had only a few mumbly lines in this episode and seemed unusually subdued. I had to notice Mark because he is the Russian who is trying to kill Carrie. He’s not as huggable as he was in The Late Quartet. I’m thinking over my crush on him.

When Episode 6 comes along and I finally notice Rene, I’m struck by the accent. Our half Jewish, half German and Italian, Brooklyn raised, sugar cookie froster is playing a German speaking Syrian terrorist. I keep looking for the kid (everyone is a kid to me) with the Brooklyn accent who told me, “I never decorated sugar cookies before.”

By Episode 7, Rene takes on the leadership of prisoners trying to escape back to Syria and shows some serious machismo. I realize Rene’s role is picking up, and he’s doing a fine job of acting regardless of his current ethnicity. Now I’m feeling like a proud Jewish mother. I am sure his mama over there in Brighton Beach is very proud too. Bravo, Rene.

As for Mark Ivanir, he’s excellent as usual. But I hope his next role is sweet and romantic so I can get my crush back.

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