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Leave Us Older Women Alone!

Photograph: Allstar/Disney/Lucasfilms

Star Wars is the hot new topic this month but even better is the topic of judging women actors for their advancing age. Carrie Fisher has been a favorite of mine for years. No, I did not drool over her amazing twenty-one year old body in Star Wars.

What I did delight in was her writing and acting – Postcards from the Edge, When Harry Met Sally, Wishful Drinking and her amazing one-woman show of the same name. The lady is of brilliant mind. And is funny as shit. Even her years of trials with drugs and divorce just made her material richer for the experiences.

That’s why I am sharing this article from the Guardian where Carrie holds forth on the constant criticism of her aging looks. As she says herself, her body has not aged as well as she has. Who’s does?

That’s the whole point. Look inside, idiots all, and see the beauty of this amazing talent.

Read on snd don't miss the hilarious video of Carrie holding forth on GMA.

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