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Where to Go for Writer Encouragement

There are Meet ups and Then There are Meet Ups

A few weeks ago, I was languishing, at a loss for the company of fellow writers, when I came across a meet up in my area. Normally, I shy away from meet ups as they have not always panned out well. But this one is really good. The meet up is called Write On, Ann Arbor.

On January 14, I walked into the basement room of the Bar at Braun Court. The venue was small, a place to stash aspiring poets and memoirists amongst the beer frig and the stairs to the bar – where much mixing of drinks always takes place. But it’s free. (We writers have learned to speak above the din.)

The group has three options for each evening:

1.You can write alone in the corner if you have three children and four dogs at home and need the solitude.

2. You can offer up four pages of a piece to a small group of encouragers who will critique if you want them to.

3. You can join the Mastermind group. Here you can do a round table where you voice your concerns in your writing, and the group will offer suggestions. The sessions are moderated by a lovely lady named Jeanne Ballew who does a smashing job of leading the group to solid solutions. Jeannie asked me just the right question to move me forward with my current memoir project.

Bonus: The group also has an accountability session where you publicly state a goal for the next meeting. How we all need this!

I suggest you take a look at the Write On, Ann Arbor website at

And consider attending a meeting soon.

And if you are looking for editing or coaching, I also recommend you visit Jeanne’s writer’s coaching site at


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