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What Should Your Monthly Goals Be?

Well, here we are at monthly goals. Part III includes goals for completing both long and short works. I have tired to coordinate these monthly goals with the long term and the daily goals I plan for the next blog lost.

Part III: My Writers Monthly Goals I figure nine months is a birth and I hope to birth published short pieces and my two memoirs to gain a presence as a writer. My monthly goals are somewhat repetitive but needed.

April - December, 2016

1. One short submission per month 2. Revise eight chapters of a memoir each month until completed

Time Outs: August: First Grandchild – A Real Live Baby December: Christmas in New York – Family Time

My literary baby will be birthed when I have five to ten published pieces online or in print and two book-length memoirs ready for critiquing and editing or possibly for submission to agents. And my platform is is professionally assessed.

Do you have ideas of how to organize your monthly writing chores? Please do add your two to four cents worth in the comments below.

Speaking of nine months, I am sharing this post by Theo Pauline Nestor about finishing a memoir in nine months – primarily because that is how long her class is.

Writing Is My Drink

How to Keep On Writing That Freaking Book

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