• Kaye Curren

A Writer's Long Term Goals

I read in a blog that I should have long term goals for my writing and publishing. Since I generally cannot think beyond nine months, the birth of a child, my long term goals extend to December 2016. Don’t want to stretch my brain too much! So here is my next episode of planning and ordering my writing life:

Part II: The Long Term Goals

Here’s what I’ve come up with as my long term goals for 2016.

Complete five to ten really good nonfiction pieces: short memoirs, essays, articles, book and movie reviews for submissions.

Complete the second draft of A Wedding in Spain – my book length memoir. Also complete the second draft of Miracles in a Monastery, my second book length memoir. Submit both works for critiquing and editing.

Continue and enhance my online presence by updating my website and apply better practices to my blog. Engage an audience of 1000 on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

I hope these goals trigger ideas for your own long term writing and publishing plans for the year.And your ideas for keeping long term goals for writing and publishing are most welcome. Please state your case in the comments below.

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