• Kaye Curren

Who's My Writing Tribe? Who's Yours?

Last week I explored my tribe in terms of literary figures, who I admire, follow, copy, aspire to be like. Since then, I have been encouraged to seek out who my tribe is in terms of those I wish to communicate to and with. Who do I want to follow my work? Embrace my ideas? Who is my audience? And what is my niche?

My primary people are women.

They are forty to seventy-five years old.

They have 1.5 children, 1.5 grandchildren, and maybe 1.5 great grandchildren.

Many of my tribe are single or divorced but married women are welcome.

My people know empty nest and financial crisis; they may even have been homeless.

They may be working or retired.

They can be Christian.

They care about women’s issues. They are writers.

They are writers of any genre but primarily nonfiction – memoir and essay. My tribe loves to gather. They love to share. They’re givers.

It's time to go out and find my writing tribe in life and in the cyber world.

How about you? Who's your tribe? Feel free to share yours in the comments below.

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