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Publishing a Nonfiction Book Successfully

Nina Amir has a great website for nonfiction writers. She offers all kinds of classes and teaching on nonfiction. She even has a November nonfiction book writing challenge. You can find all this on her site, Write Nonfiction Now.

I want to share a wonderful article on Nina's site about getting your nonfiction book published. This is for me as well as for you, as I am about to finish the second draft of a memoir and want to pursue avenues for publishing it.

The article offers helps and viewpoints from six major publishing gurus: Sherre Bykofsky, Michelle Howry, Michael Larsen, Joel Friedlander, Holly Brady, and Carla King. Enough expert advice to get us going for sure.

Please enjoy the article. 17 Tips for Publishing a Nonfiction Book Successfully

And while you are here with me, your comments on the process of getting published are greatly anticipated.

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