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Hey Grandma - What's Your Name?

Now that my daughter is having our first grandchild, everyone is asking me,

“What do you want to be called?” Quickly realizing this could be an opportunity for me to have a nice name for myself, I began to try to answer their questions. What name would give me status, respect, a place in my family?

Judging from the numbers of comments on blog posts about grandma naming, this is a highly popular topic. But before I perused those, I decided to asked my posse on Facebook, many of whom are grandmothers several times over. Where better to find an expert opinion?

A friend came up with “Gummy,” which I do feel sometimes, but I’m not madly in love with the name. One granny of a friend was called “Jingles” because of her silver bracelets. One grandma was Mimsy which I thought was really cute. Nice ring to it. Two we all agreed were not for us: Grossmama and Big Mama.

I got a kick out of some of the comments following articles on the web. A Coleen Cadger said “My mom was referred to as "THIS", because every time she would walk in the room we would say "whose this" to my son, so he just called her “This” from there on in.” Love that story.

It’s seems “N” words were in great demand: Nana, Nanny, Ne-ma, Noni, Na Nanno, Napa, Nammy, Nanay. “G” words were an obvious second: Grandma, Gamma, G-ma, Gram, Grammy, Grams, Grandmother, Grammi.

After much consideration, I decided I liked the name my friend, Nancy, suggested: “Oma,” German for grandma. After all, I am German on my father’s side. Oma also has a nice ring to it.

My stepdaughters think I should stick with the name given me by their father when they were young and living with me: Kaye-Kaye Woofer. It refers to my habit of talking a lot and his nicknames tend to stick for life. It became an endearing term over the years, but I wouldn’t mind starting a new image with this new grandchild even if I do still talk a lot.

After all the pondering and sifting of names, Facebook friends began to offer a higher wisdom and I like what they said.

Susan says: I'll have to think about this... But keep in mind. No matter what you choose. The wee one will call you what she/he wants.

My friend Deedra says: In my experience, it doesn't matter what you pick. The kid will call you whatever he/she comes up with for you and you will love it.

I am inclined to agree.

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