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Who Says Marriage Can't Be Great?

My daughter, Mary, and her husband, Steve, celebrated their fourth anniversary on Thursday. They are expecting their first child in August and it has been a rough road for both. (See my “Christmas in New York” blog post to hear how rough.)

I recall when these two got married, a lifelong desire of mine was fulfilled - to see a couple who truly belonged together. Seeing them relate healed a good deal of my cynicism about failed marriages.

Now Mary has written a tribute to her husband that tells it all.

Happy Anniversary, Mary and Steve!

I've been married to this stone cold fox for four years! For the past 8 months he has upped his husband game BIG TIME. He made dozens of trips to the store for the most random of items, cleaned up my puke, Googled all my odd symptoms, hugged me as I sobbed because the morning sickness and insomnia felt like they would never end, brought me every miscellaneous item I need from around the house because it takes me 20 minutes to get off the couch, and tucks me into my "pillow nest" every night before shuffling over to his 5 inches of bed space. All with loads of compassion, patience and empathy.

Once he came home super drunk but still made me dinner! It was the most disgusting meal I've ever seen but he still tried (no seriously, it was a bunless turkey burger smothering in ketchup and exactly 3 1/2 tortilla chips as some type of garnish?!)

Anyways folks, no one cares for a pregnant wife quite like Stephen J. Hubs and, if his compassion toward me is any indication, he will be the best dad.

I am so excited to take this journey with such a loving, amazing dude.

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