• Kaye Curren

We Were There in 1976

Eastward Ho – A Retracing of the Steps of Early Settlers

On July 4, 1976, America celebrated her 200th birthday. National events took place all over the country culminating in gatherings Fourth of July weekend that year. Wagon trains from all points north, south, east and west road toward Valley Forge for a final celebration.

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Ranchers, cowboys, housewives, lawyers, doctors, laborers, and children rode together across the country to reenact the early settlers moving west to settle the land. This time the wagon trains moved east, south or north to arrive near to where our Declaration of Independence was signed by early patriots.

Conestoga wagons donated for the occasions rumbled along as men, women and children endured some of the hardships early settlers experienced. Wagons did break down. Oxen gave out. The heat got to some. There were snake bites and pesky mosquitoes along the way. But in spite of it all, there was an atmosphere of celebration, a desire to honor those who went before.

I was there with my husband, John. Our account of the trip can be found by clicking the photo above.

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