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Walk Tall, Carry a Silver Shawl

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In my memoir, A Destination Wedding: a Mother's Journey, about my daughter's wedding in Spain, I had to purchase garments fit for such a wedding.

Being an overweight, single, divorced mother, an empty nester, and man-shy, I had few reasons then to gussy up. So finding and fitting into wedding attire and casual wear for a week in Andalusia was going to be challenging.

I dreaded facing the dressing room mirrors, I had no fashion sense and I needed to lose some pounds.

"Walk Tall and Carry a Silver Shawl" is the account of two shopping trips I took to prepare for such an exciting travel adventure - challenges and all.

I welcome your comments on it.

P.S. The photo shows me at the wedding in my black dress, sparkly shawl and strappy shoes.

P.S. 2 Thirty pounds lighter

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