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My First Blog Year - Who Am I?

I just realized August 1 was my first year anniversary of my blog. I never thought I’d make it past the first month. I have twelve months of my life experiences, interests, and concerns recorded here. I think I should be able to tell who I am after fifty-two blog posts, shouldn’t I? Let’s see what they tell me. And what I might do better in 2016-2017?

Well, obviously, family is important – stories about my daughters early on and late – trips to New York to see them. A number of posts tell about my first grandchild and how to be a grandma. Coming up - must explore the pains of being a faraway grandma.

Writing, writing, writing. Memoir pieces, humor, reviews, writing groups and meetups and what they should be, my WWAAY group for women and goals for writing. I’m told humor is my beat. I will put more emphasis on humor this year.

Marketing issues and my reticence to pursue the marketing of my writing. And yet I did publish this year. Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop – Bumps in Whose Socks? Explore how to find time to market - how to get past the block to submitting my work.

Holidays get attention. Christmas - a disaster during my daughter’s upchucking pregnancy. I always enjoy Christmas in New York but this one was a doozy. Should have written about my challenge of spending most holidays alone. How should lonely women cope?

Current events pop in there too - Trump, terrorist attacks, how America is changing. I could have done more here but I got disgusted with the whole political insanity and decided to hide my head in the sand. Feels very good in there except for the grit in my teeth. Always did hate sand. Be more aware of important current issues and write about them next year.

Online dating got a sarcastic turn. Can’t fathom being involved in it, but I had fun making fun of it. Did not write about my concern for the safety of friends who are deep into online dating. Something for the new year.

Did some movie reviews and book reviews. I find movie reviews fun and delightful. Book reviews, not so much. With books, I have to actually read as a reviewer and it’s not my style. I devour books and often don’t retain a lot of detail - just the essence of them. And you can’t do a book review on the essence. Or can you? Try to do more book reviews.

Who am I then? A woman, a writer, a mother, a grandmother. A Republican turned Independent. Mad for humor and human interest stories. A senior citizen who doesn’t generally acknowledge it although I care about older women, single, who are on their own. Write more about older women, alone, single, with financial and other challenges.

Recap. What to blog about next year. All of the above and more human interest stories as well as more sharing of outstanding blog posts from other women (maybe men).

See you in September.

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