• Kaye Curren

Pet Peeves of All Kinds

As a finale to my September Pet Peeve Month, I thought I would offer up some interesting takes on pet peeves from a wide variety of sources. Did you know there are multiple websites offering specific pet peeves? Here are only a few:

Dining Pet Peeves

Office Pet Peeves

Grammar/Language Pet Peeves

Email Pet Peeves

What People Say and Do Pet Peeves

Traveling Pet Peeves

Social Media Pet Peeves

Waiter Pet Peeves

Restaurant Customer Pet Peeves

Gym Pet Peeves

Driving Pet Peeves

Relationship Pet Peeves

Pet Pet Peeves

These could keep you and me busy for weeks if we so desired to explore them.

I will close with one of my favorites as I am a Broadway groupie and wanna be performer,

Theatre/Broadway Pet Peeves from the Hollywood Reporter

And here’s a fun Late Show YouTube video of celebrities revealing their greatest pet peeves.

And Twitter has a pet peeve site you might find a fun read.

Surely all this will stir up your pet peeves. Please feel free to share your own pet peeves in the comments below.


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