• Kaye Curren

Wish List for My Seventy-Fifth Year

Bucket List - A list of things one wants to do before one kicks the bucket.

I know we all live longer than before and I keep reading about 90 year old women climbing mountains and swimming the seas. But I want to get a head start, just in case.

Surprisingly, this list has inspired me and I feel challenged to make what I can, happen.


Explore a tropical paradise – see the beautiful colored fish from a glass bottom boat.

(Can’t scuba dive – still have a fear of water – and the ocean – and sharks. What do you want at 75?).

Deep sea fish in the Caribbean.

Be a cook on a chuck wagon on a cattle drive - a childhood fantasy – (don’t ask).

Tour Jerusalem and the holy sites.

Spend a week in Italy.

Personal Appearance

Lose another 10-20 pounds - my low carb diet is slipping as winter calls.

Grow the nails out on my right hand – the left hand nails grow like crazy – the right one is in rebellion.

See my second chin vanish.

Life Changes

Be silent for one full day (all I could possibly handle)

Get off the computer and meditate on life, not death, once a week

Move to the Beach – eastern seaboard so my family can visit.

Complete a nonfiction writing certificate or masters.

Help Others

Start a support group for single, older, sometimes lonely, women

Pray my granddaughter grows up with safety, security, purity and love

Hope my eldest daughter becomes content with her life

Writing and Other Creative Pursuits

Spend a year somewhere unique and write about it – yet to decide where that is.

My next blog post will describe possibilities.

Find the perfect nonfiction writers group – with a devoted passion for memoir and personal essay.

Achieve ten published pieces – Guest Blog Posts, Essays, Memoir, Humor

Get my first book published.

Dance the Argentine tango - the most beautiful dance in the world

Sing and dance in one more musical comedy before I die- I’ll settle for the chorus.

See Bette Midler in Hello Dolly in NY.

That’s it. I will give myself five years to complete it. I'll be close to 80 then and may be looking for an armchair.

Would love to hear about your wish list before you kick the bucket. Hate that phrase.

Can anyone out there think of a better one?

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