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Well, the 2016 election is over. We sadly underestimated the ire of those who see themselves as disenfranchised. We may not have the inside story of all that man without God has done to our government system. Apparently, we were clueless about the truth. Not the first time.

As a result, I have put together a to-do list for myself for 2017:

  1. Never identify with a single political party again.

  2. Do not leave the country as you had planned – you can’t leave your children and grandchildren to fend alone – though they rarely listen to your wisdom, they do need hugs. Besides, you need them.

  3. Stop reading the news and never, ever listen to pollsters.

  4. Find a way to be useful and helpful on my own little acre of land – help a person in need, help a child learn, make someone smile, lift a burden when you can.

  5. Eat more chocolate.

Now, in searching through the myriad of opinions written since the election, I have chosen one that so echoes my thoughts throughout this election process, that I might have written myself. As it turns out, I did not. But Garrison Keillor did. The host of Prairie Home Companion has shared his views in the Washington Post and I could not in any way have written it better. I hope you enjoy Mr. Keillor’s take on the American Election 2016 below.

P.S. I have copied the article here to keep ads and other news stories from diluting the power of what Mr. Keillor has said. If you prefer to see it in it's original form, click on the link below.

Garrison Keillor Washington Post Article November 9, 2016

And if you have some thoughts, please tell me about them in the comments below.

Garrison Keillor, The Washington Post Updated 6:51 am, Wednesday, November 9, 2016 Special To The Washington Post So he won. The nation takes a deep breath. Raw ego and proud illiteracy have won out and a severely learning-disabled man with a real character problem will be president. We are so exhausted from thinking about this election, millions of people will take up leaf-raking and garage cleaning with intense pleasure. We liberal elitists are wrecks. The Trumpers had a whale of a good time, waving their signs, jeering at the media, beating up protesters, chanting "Lock her up" -- we elitists just stood and clapped. Nobody chanted "Stronger Together." It just doesn't chant.

The Trumpers never expected their guy to actually win the thing, and that's their problem now. They only wanted to whoop and yell, boo at the H-word, wear profane T-shirts, maybe grab a crotch or two, jump in the RV with a couple six-packs and go out and shoot some spotted owls. It was pleasure enough for them just to know that they were driving us wild with dismay -- by "us," I mean librarians, children's authors, yoga practitioners, Unitarians, birdwatchers, people who make their own pasta, opera goers, the grammar police, people who keep books on their shelves, that bunch. The Trumpers exulted in knowing we were tearing our hair out. They had our number, like a bratty kid who knows exactly how to make you grit your teeth and froth at the mouth.

Alas for the Trump voters, the disasters he will bring on this country will fall more heavily on them than anyone else. The uneducated white males who elected him are the vulnerable ones and they will not like what happens next.

To all the patronizing b.s. we've read about Trump expressing the white working class's displacement and loss of the American Dream, I say, "Feh!" -- go put your head under cold water. Resentment is no excuse for bald-faced stupidity. America is still the land where the waitress' kids can grow up to become physicists and novelists and pediatricians, but it helps a lot if the waitress and her husband encourage good habits and the ambition to use your God-given talents and the kids aren't plugged into electronics day and night. Whooping it up for the candidate of cruelty and ignorance does less than nothing for your kids.

We liberal elitists are now completely in the clear. The government is in Republican hands. Let them deal with him. Democrats can spend four years raising heirloom tomatoes, meditating, reading Jane Austen, traveling around the country, tasting artisan beers, and let the Republicans build the wall and carry on the trade war with China and deport the undocumented and deal with opioids and we Democrats can go for a long brisk walk and smell the roses.

I like Republicans. I used to spend Sunday afternoons with a bunch of them, drinking Scotch and soda and trying to care about NFL football. It was fun. I tried to think like them. (Life is what you make it. People are people. When the going gets tough, tough noogies.) But I came back to liberal elitism.

Don't be cruel. Elvis said it and it's true. We all experienced cruelty back in our playground days, boys who beat up on the timid, girls who made fun of the homely and naive, and most of us, to our shame, went along with it, afraid to defend the victims lest we become one of them. But by your 20s, you should be done with cruelty. Mr. Trump was the cruelest candidate since George Wallace. How he won on fear and bile is for political pathologists to study. The country is already tired of his noise, even his own voters. He is likely to become the most intensely disliked president since Hoover. His children will carry the burden of his name. He will never be happy in his own skin. But the damage he will do to our country -- who knows? His supporters voted for change, and boy, are they going to get it.

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