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Embracing Gratitude

I really enjoy the posts on Huffington Post 50. I love that the women (and men) over 50 offer a maturity of insight not always found in the cool 20-something blogs.

Here’s a blog post written by Ann Brenoff, Senior Writer and Columnist for H.P. Ann echoes what I have experienced this last year – that gratitude – thanks – and a giving heart - work better than complaining and finding fault. Gratitude and giving pull against my wicked flesh often but I do work at them. Anyway, I need her message right now and maybe you do too. So thank you, Ann. And Jae Wu.

Please tell me your thoughts on gratitude in the comments below. How can gratitude change our present concern over changing times?

Find Ann’s blog post by clicking the title below or the picture above.

Why There’s No Better Time Than Now For An Attitude Of Gratitude

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