• Kaye Curren

One Word - "Upgrade"

One word.

Since 2008 or earlier, as far as I can tell, one word New Year’s resolutions have been the rage. So many have claimed the inspiration that it is not even necessary to credit any one person.

But I love the idea. My long wordy new year’s resolutions of years past have been for nought, anyway. The minute I write one down, I won’t do it, just because I have to. But one word. Now, I can handle that.

All New Year’s Day I searched for my word for 2017. A really tough call since I love

words so much. I wanted them all. Focus, Faith, Peace, Resolve, Heart, Perseverance.

Rhododendron, Poppy, Daisy, Peony. Love, Acceptance. Money, Fame, Wealth.

I would love to use one of the words above for my 2017 one word resolution but they

just don’t fit what I need to do for 2017. What I need to do is lift up my life.

I have chosen for my one word resolution for 2017 - drum roll please, UPGRADE. And there are five areas of upgrade that I need to focus on.

1. UPGRADE MY PRAYER LIFE - Pray harder than ever with my fellow Christians for my nation and my government. Prophetic speakers have made it clear that if we don’t pray for our new government, unfortunate things will come to pass. We need to lift up all our leaders – in all agencies - to see balance in domestic and world policies and peaceful solutions to problems. God tells us to pray diligently for all authorities. My choice for them is God's wisdom.

2.UPGRADE MY KNOWLEDGE OF GOD - Read the Bible everyday to the end. I’ve claimed to know everything about the word of God for years, but I realize I don’t. And now I want to get to know Him better.

3. UPGRADE MY WRITING – Take classes, find a critique group, seek quality mentors and writing examples, improve my connections with writers on and offline.

Upgrade my efforts to see my work published.

4. UPGRADE MY AMBITION TO PUBLISH A BOOK - Outline and write the book of memoir essays I want to publicize and promote at my 75th birthday party – October 18 - using my writers’ event planner experience to throw myself an all out birthday bash in for friends and writing buddies. Book Launch and Birthday Party – who knows how many years I have left to do this!

5. UPGRADE MY SOCIAL LIFE – Get off of social media and get out into the community. Heal from last year’s desire to hide, either under the bed or under the covers - and the many dates I canceled because I did not want to be among people. Go write in a café, attend readings of my fellow writers, have coffee with a friend at least once a month, go to church.

I would love to hear about one word that inspires you to new life the new year. Feel free to share your word in the comments below.

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