• Kaye "Organized" Curren

Let's Get Organized!

When we were younger kids, my brother used to do a waddle and sashay across the room and, shout, "Let's get Organized!" He

was doing an imitation of me. I guess I was the organizer in that bizarre family. I don't recall anyone actually heeding the call to organize but that's beside the point.

But, yes, I was an organizer, a list maker, a check off the list-er. And I did perhaps drive the non organizers a little crazy.

But today I am most happy to be who I am.

Because today, folks, I'm organizing my presence online.

I'm feeling it's time to organize some visibility out there in the blog world so I'm taking a wonderful online course called Submission Savvy from Susan Maccarelli at Beyond Your Blog.

For the month of February, I have been submitting blog posts to other blogs. And guess what? I have three posts published! Granted they are all on one blog site but still....

February, then, will be, guest post month. I know. You miss my funny and informative posts here. But I'll be back like a March wind -- in March.

Until then, you can catch my published "out there" posts at, Kaye Curren.

See you in March!

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