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The Courage to Write Memoir

For this blog post, I planned to write about how to gain the courage to write and the courage to publish. I noticed I was dragging my feet in submitting my memoir and personal essay pieces. I wanted to examine what was keeping me back. I couldn’t seem to find the right approach, so I decided to share one I really like.

I came across a wonderful article by my friend, Sue William Silverman, about the courage to write memoir. Since I am a memoir and personal essay writer, it’s a fitting article to share. Besides, I love Sue. She has mentored me twice at the Bear River Writers Conference, and I value her opinion greatly. She gave me the courage to write about scary topics like childhood abuse and various addictions – personal and in my family.

Sue talks about the courage to write memoir, especially those that deal with personal and family secrets. She gives five reasons we should write memoir and personal essay. To alleviate fear, to illuminate the past, to find out who we are, to help others, and exorcise pain. But let Sue tell you….

The Courage to Write and Publish Your Story:

Five Reasons Why It’s Important to Write Memoir

Sue William Silverman

And while we are at it, have you read Sue’s amazing memoir, The Pat Boone

Fan Club: My Life as a White Anglo-Saxon Jew? Sue told me she had worked on the idea of writing about Pat Boone for years. We talked about Pat as a father figure for her. I chuckle at times to think I got to hear about Pat before he made it into her prize-winning memoir. It’s a must read, if you haven’t already read it.

I would love to hear how you find the courage to write your stories and to send them out.

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