• Kaye Curren

What's Your Being Doing? Time to Clean?

It’s the time of year when those of us living in Michigan wonder: What time of year is it, really? I wake up each morning, hoping for sunshine. No. We must bear through the rains, the sleet, the snow, the mud first. Every tree and every blade of grass must be WATERED! About the time I give up on Spring entirely, the sun peeks out from the clouds and the temperatures rise above 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

With the warm weather on the way, my dilemma begins. I know I MUST clean. This year, with my new-found busyness of writing and learning to publish, my home has suffered neglect. I’m not worried about it though. When the cleaning bug finally does hit me, I’ll be a white tornado, and I may even plow through my place into yours.

I am concerned, however, about my life spring cleaning. In what shape is my body? How’s my material well-being? How about my soul: mind, will, and emotions? Are they strong? Relationships? Spiritual well-being – am I hooked up to heaven? This kind of cleaning takes less physical labor but may be more beneficial.

Let’s see. Cleaning chores tend to be ordered by task. Spring cleaning of my life might be ordered this way:

COBWEBS: I know I have been spending too much. Not keeping track of where the money’s going. Feeding my emotions with eating out. Trim back, dear. Let your year-end spending summary tell you what to cut back on. And then do it.

DUST BUNNIES: Over the winter I have eaten everything I can get my hands on that I love, using the excuse that it’s winter and I need my carbs. But do I need the Panera bearclaw, the MAC muffin or the Big Boy pancakes? Back to Atkins for 4 weeks to lose the 8 lbs. I’ve gained.

GRIT IN THE GROUTS: My mind, will, and emotions have been gob smacked, twisted, upended, and whirl-winded by the US election, inauguration and events since. How do you spring clean your desire to lift off to Mars where the air is clean or move in with Richard Branson on one of his islands? You set up new parameters. Strategies. Walk a lot. Pray a lot. Spend quality time beseeching the Creator of all heaven and earth to lock up some demons and release some light into our (my) affairs.

DIRTY WINDOWS: Been a little lax when it comes to meeting with my friends. I go through phases where I don't want to see anyone. Going it alone has always been a disaster for me, but I do it anyway sometimes. I know I need to look out to others and care about them. Get some coffee dates on your calendar. Plan a Spring brunch for the girlfriends. (Thanks for the thought - I don't date-ever.)

Hopefully, by grace, I will complete these cleaning tasks and I will be “squeaky clean” by summer.

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