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Want to Know How to Publish?

4 Submission Savvy Writers Share Publication Tips and Successes

Susan Maccarelli owns Beyond Your Blog and does amazing things for bloggers from beginners to experts. In April, I took a class called "Submission Savvy" from Susan and came out with seven published guest posts. Now that's progress. I am recommending Susan's Beyond Your Blog and her Submission Savvy course to all who need any kind of boost in their blogging. Here's the entry I wrote for Susan's Tips and Successes article. If you would like to read all four of the testimonies, go here.

Kaye Curren of Write That Thang!

Kaye’s personal challenge was finding the courage to submit her work and overcoming her fear of rejection. One day she worked up the courage and thought “I’ve been disliked before. I have been rejected before. Just SEND IT!” Within 24 hours she had an acceptance! Since starting the Submission Savvy course, Kaye has had quite a few things published, including a story on Erma Bombeck’s Writer’s Workshop blog that got a great response from readers. The humor post was called Not my privates you don’t, about a shirt that was not airport security-friendly and the hilarious chaos that ensued. Kaye also had a piece published on called 5 Valuable Lessons I Learned After My Husband Left Me offering tips for those who find themselves in an unwanted divorce. Writers at DivorcedMoms earn stars based on views and comments that allow you to work your way to higher authorship titles and writer benefits. Kaye has already earned a purple star for 500 article views with her first piece.

Kaye’s feedback on Submission Savvy:

“Submission Savvy has allowed me to organize my thoughts on publishing blog posts like no other article or class. For one thing, I can see that Susan has been there, done that, and is graciously sharing her ups and down – saving me HOURS of work. I had recently made a digital file of sites I would like to investigate. They numbered about fifty. Then I tried to researching each. Feeling overwhelmed and confused, I found myself avoiding the work – putting it on the shelf. I was weeks into that avoidance when Susan came along with her Submission Savvy course. In addition, walking systematically through the course has made me more confident and less afraid to move forward. I feel like I have a friend.”

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