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Seeking How to Publish My Book

Wow! I took off across the Internet looking for how to publish my book of essays this week. Do you realize how much information is out there? Mind-boggling. Anxiety-producing. I waded through probably about 20 different supposed experts on how to publish a book. Some were awesome. Some not so much.

For this week, I am sharing with you two I thought were best by these criteria:

1. Did they offer quality content?

2. Does the content make sense?

3. Were their solutions doable for most of us.

4. Is the cost consistent with what’s offered?

5. Did I get excited about getting my book published?

I was impressed with two people who advise on book publishing and promotion. These two offer free short courses or webinars so you can get to know them before you make any financial commitment to longer courses.

Sally Miller - Nonfiction Books

Sally gives a free 3-day, “Zero to Best Seller,” course that introduces the things you need to do to publish and promote your book. She starts by telling you to research whether the book will sell– a step often overlooked by other coaches. Then you create an outline, write on a schedule, and apply strategies to get the book up and noticed on Amazon. Sally offers detailed instruction.

After the course, Sally offers an intense hands-on course called “Author Success Blueprint” to guide you through the entire book publishing process. The course is $497 or $397 on discount but I am betting it is well worth the personal attention Sally gives to all her students. She helps beyond the call of duty.

Check out Sally’s free and long courses for yourself:

Sally’s “Zero to Best seller” Free 3-day Online Course

Sally’s “Author Success Blueprint” Course

Nick Stephenson -Fiction and Nonfiction Books

Nick is another coach and promoter I was impressed with. He sends a link for an hour-long free presentation about how to promote your book of any genre. Nick sends you a free ebook called Reader Magnets. Then he tells you how to build a successful marketing plan for your book(s). Nick has a more detailed course called “First 10,000 Readers.” I like that he offers a monthly payment option for his course, making me believe even I could afford it.

Check out Nick’s course information for yourself:

Nick Stephenson Facebook Page

Nick’s Intense Course First 10,000 Readers

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