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What's Good and Bad About Retirement?

It’s August! I am launching into my SECOND full year of blogging. I managed to write or share a blog post every single week for two years – I never thought I would make it through the first month. Now I plan to share the best of those one hundred and four blog posts in a self-published book.

Thus begins a new season then. My first post is a share of an article I found uplifting because the author approached retirement concerns with a most positive attitude and an encouraging set of personal examples. I found myself much less worried and afraid after reading it. Even if we do not each have all his/her exact advantages, we can gain hope from this article. (Sam does not identify as male or female so we will refer to him/her as Him/Her.)

Enjoy. You might also like to read some of the 108 comments the article has received. And let me know in the comments below what you think about what Sam says-how the article has affected you. Thanks, Sam.

The Fear Of Running Out Of Money In Retirement Is Overblown

by Financial Samurai

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