• Kaye Curren

Let Us Reason Together About Aging


Aging makes you realize you can’t marry George Clooney after all.

Aging is remembering.

Aging is forgetting.

Aging is no longer the ability to hear a dog whistle.

Aging is less movement, more fat.

Aging is eating hot Mexican food at your own peril.

Aging is when you are grateful you can pee.

Aging is what happens when young men offer to carry your packages for you up three flights of stairs, and you don’t mind at all.

Aging is when you wake up one day and can’t clean your house in one marathon sweep and you clean one little corner at a time.

Aging is when you can’t wear mascara anymore because it burns your eyes.

Aging is when you have a couple of chins and saggy eyelids.

Aging is when you consider making Preperation H a face makeup.

Aging is a time to make your old lady wish list.

Aging is a time to consider your one last fling.

Aging is a time to plan your funeral.

Aging is loving who you are and enjoying every last minute you have left.

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