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Do Women Lose in the Publishing World?


I’m fascinated by the VIDA counts that compare publishing numbers between men and women. In almost all studies, men are favored by editors and publish more. Here I am presenting several articles that set forth those statistics as well as some anecdotal evidence that they are true.

In the meantime, if you are a stats freak like me, and/or you care about women having a fair shake in publishing, you are welcome to read through these articles. Be ready to argue with me or simply discuss. The assignment will not be graded but best argument wins a prize.

Huffington Post Media Updated Apr 30, 2012

“Publication Rates For Men Far Outweigh Women: Study”

Short piece about the VIDA stats for 2011 to compare with the VIDA lists shown below for 2016. In future posts, I plan to compare those numbers to show how far we have come or not come toward publishing equality. I also hope to research the idea that women are less hesitant to put themselves out into the publishing world. I want to hear what the women have to say about that.

NPR February 26, 2014

“When It Comes To Women's Writing, How Do Publications Stack Up?”

Lynn Neary

Some reiteration of other articles but another interesting reference to women being less aggressive and confident in their submissions to publications.

Jezebel August 4, 2014

“Homme de Plume: What I Learned Sending My Novel Out Under a Male Name”

Catherine Nichols

Fascinating but shocking expose of publishing practices men versus women. Ms. Nichols had 8 times more acceptances posing as a man than submitting as a woman.

The Guardian April 7, 2015

Hannah Ellis-Petersen

The Guardian April 7, 2015

“Male writers continue to dominate literary criticism, Vida study finds”

Hannah Ellis-Petersen

Highlight: Interesting idea that women are more hesitant to put themselves forward in the publishing of their work – a theme I intend to pursue in future posts.

2015 VIDA COUNT Published March, 2016

If you really want to know the more current statistics, check out the VIDA Count for 2015

For extensive charts and graphs on the publishing numbers. (Since VIDA relies on volunteers, the 2016 count is not yet out and may be running late.)

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