• Stefanie Flaxman

"Creativity is not linear"

Stefanie Flaxman on Copyblogger has an article titled, “This Common Belief Could Be Blocking Your Creative Potential.” I want to share it with you as it talks about the creative process in relation to writing blog posts.

I had just asked myself, what on earth am I going to write this week. I’m concerned the ideas aren’t flowing lately. And when I do sit down to write, I often can’t find the structure of my piece.

Stefanie uses teaching Pomeranians to speak foreign languages as a comparison to how we often need to make everything happen -word for word. Pomeranians don’t set structure. They just listen and learn. She suggests we do need structure to develop our writing but there comes a place where we need to just let the ideas flow. “Creativity is not linear,” she says. The idea is writing can get messy and should.

Stefanie also suggests we don’t need someone else’s formula – we need to find our own way.

I was inspired to take her advice by getting started my next blog post – my way – and messy – (which is not difficult for me.)

I hope you enjoy Stefanie’s article and will comment to her with your own thoughts. And it’s OK to give me a shout about how you liked this shared article.

“This Common Belief Could Be Blocking Your Creative Potential.”

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