• Kaye Curren

Taking a Leave to Publish Book

Dearest Blog Readers:

You know I love you but I have to leave you for a time. I am trying to publish a collection of essays on Amazon KDP and I am going nuts. Some of you may know how nerve wracking it is. If not, I'll tell you. You lose sleep. You bolt out of bed at 3 a.m. to fix one phrase in a essay or scratch something you hate.

You spend literally HOURS learning how to write the book, beta read the book, ask feedback from you writer groups and then revise everything for the umpteenth time. Then you learn to edit the book, format the book with specific guidelines, commission a cover and find the FIVERR artist knows shit about cover design and you start over. If you are a perfectionist as I am, you never FINISH!

All this is to say I am taking October off from the blog to try to straighten out the mess I have and get the darn book up on Amazon.

Back in November - I hope with good news. That I have regained my sanity, and I have published my first book called Memories A La Carte.

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