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Overcome Those Ebook Writing Blues

I am sharing this piece from Ali Luke because it speaks to all the fears I had publishing my first ebook. Find her full article here.

How to Beat 7 Common Self-Publishing Fears

Ali hits it on the nose of what fears overtake us a we try to create something of our own. I had written an essay about writing being birthing and wow, was it birth pangs all the way through for me.

Below I comment on Ali's 7 fears, how each affected me, and how I am overcoming them.

Fear #1: I’m not ready I thought I wasn’t ready to write a book but I looked at my published works back in the 90s, two years of blog posts, and ten published pieces. Someone liked what I wrote. So this hurdle was passed.

Fear #2: I don’t know what to write about. My solution to that fear was to compile two years of blog posts, articles, and essays into a book instead of starting from scratch.

Fear #3: Nobody will buy itI solved this dilemma easily. I didn’t care if I made money. I wanted to build some readership out there, and I wanted to go through the publishing process-which was so new to me. If it sold, it sold. And I was compiling mostly prewritten essays so the investment was less than a new book.

Fear #4: It won’t be good enough Again testing the waters was my plan – if they don’t like it – I haven’t lost – I can tell you seeing that book up there was all the encouragement I needed.

Fear #5: I don’t understand the technology

Now here’s where I nearly lost it. I researched, then wrote, researched, then edited. I found three free beta readers who were my saving grace. I sent the book to a formatted and then found a hundred errors. I discovered Grammarly after the fact and had to pay the formatter again for a clean copy. Frustrating - but the kind of experience I learned from. Turned out, Amazon KDP has all I need to produce the book, and I could have saved money. And getting the book up was a piece of cake. Live and learn, I heard someone say.

Fear #6: I don’t have a big list It’s true, Ali. I don’t. I tried but it’s hard to get people to sign up. I did what Ali said – I have guest posted with links to my website and I offer a free chapter as incentive at sign up. I think the key now is to keep the message out there more than once – on all media sites.

Fear #7: I hate the idea of marketing. I find marketing confusing. There are so many ideas out there. And, frankly, I’m exhausted from the book writing and publishing process. I confess I wrote this ebook for me and need to get out there with what the book does for the reader. Being personal essay (memoir), it’s harder to define the reader takeaway but I will work on it.

As of this blog post, Fifteen people are reading my book and one person has reviewed it. I am praying for future favor for more. Update: 3-1-18 Now have six reviews and 50 copies out in the world and growing. Isn't this exciting?!


Ali Luke runs Writers’ Huddle, a community / teaching site for all writers, with monthly seminars, in-depth ecourses, supportive forums, and more. See here link in the article.

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