• Kaye Curren

Gonna Take a Break to Write Books

Dearest Blog Readers:

After thirty months and 120 blog posts, I'm burned out on coming up with a blog a week. My first book is out on Amazon. My second book, Seven Days in Spain is in edit. My third book, Aging: What Is That? is in rough draft stage. And both need real marketing, not like my first little ebook experiment. So...I trust you will understand if I take a break from blogging in early 2018. I've published enough essays to move on and look for paid writing opportunities as well as going deeper with my content. I want to reach my readers where they really need it in this confusing and scary time.

Auf Wiedersehen, my loves. I'll be back. In the meantime, watch for news on the new books coming out on my Facebook book page and here on my book news page. Hope you can attend my book parties in the Fall!

#TakingaBreak #BlogonHold


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