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My First Anthology

You might be interested in this new anthology out from the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop and Allia Zobel Nolan - especially if you like humor and women's stories. Here's what the reviews say about Laugh Out Loud. My story is about me deciding on a casket or cremation. Find it here on Amazon if you want to know what happens. (Next week I will talk about how you can submit to an anthology.)

Some reviews of Laugh Out Loud to entice you to check out the Erma Bombeck Workshop anthology now on Amazon.

"This Laugh Out Loud anthology is hilarious! The essays between the covers will make you giggle, snicker, chortle, chuckle and laugh out loud.”

“If you enjoyed Erma Bombeck’s columns, you'll enjoy these stories.”

“These ladies ROCK! Talking about then and now and all they've been through. All in the spirit of Erma Bombeck….”

“This is an important book about women and our herstory.”

“Laugh Out Loud is a kick in the funny bone. Buy it. Read it! Hilarious and sometimes poignant essays from accomplished women writers for reading when you need one of those.”

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