• Kaye Curren

How to Submit to An Anthology

Why Should You Do It?

1. To get your name out there.

I have had two anthology pieces published this year and they have expanded my online as well as my offline community of writers. (And editors and publishers.)

2.Your anthology could win a contest and give you recognition along with other writers.

I haven’t won in a contest yet but I believe it can happen.

3. It’s great practice!

As I walked through these two anthology experiences, I learned: submission practices, cooperation with an editor, revision steps, and publicity and marketing which have been invaluable as I put my own books out there.

What Should You Do

1. Be clearly aware of the publication’s submission guidelines. That includes their reading schedules.

I follow the guidelines so closely, I sometimes think the editor might think I’m a little anal but it seems to pay off.

2. Submit well before the deadline and be sure you have an exciting an editor-grabbing cover letter.

I could do better on getting my pieces in early but I work really hard to make the cover letter grab the editor's attention.

3. Be sure you understand and get in writing the terms of the sale if payment is involved.

So far these negotiations have gone smoothly. Kindness to a novice, I guess.

4.Anthologies take more time to produce than magazines or blogs. Be patient as you wait for a reply.

For example, Chicken Soup for the Soul takes weeks to accept and then months to publish the book. But it is so worth the wait when you find a box of ten beautiful free copies on your doorstep.

(Many thanks to Writers Relief, Inc. for their many helpful suggestions on how to submit to an anthology. See their many helpful hints to all writers HERE.)

What do you think? Do you want to join the hundreds of authors who enjoy sharing stories with other writers, often on a theme that appeals to you? Have you published your work in an anthology you can tell me about?

I would love to hear from you.



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