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Upper Peninsula Stories

Sharon Kennedy and I connected as authors in a humor anthology for the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop this year. We exchanged our memoir essay collections and wrote reviews for each other. I was so taken with Sharon's stories of life in a mobile home in remote northern Michigan, I want to share my review of her book here on my blog. Hope you enjoy it. And think about buying her book here.

My Review

Life in a Tin Can is a delightful collection of stories, vignettes, and memories. Sharon writes, “I live on the original 20 acres my Dad purchased in the 1930s. I'm surrounded by memories everywhere I look.” What I love about Life in a Tin Can is that I get to learn all about a life I did not live – life on a farm in the remote Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Sharon Kennedy has an eye for the details of life. She presents everyday observances and nostalgic memories I can so relate to. And she has a sense of humor about them all. Rochester the parakeet, for example, reminds me of the myriad of non-talking parakeets that took over my household over the years. We are reminded that the forever junk drawer is more than a deposit dump – it’s memories, so don’t touch it. Her leather chair dilemma reminds me that I was certain I want a recliner – but not so sure. The frustration of her fight with the State of Michigan over her identity and claiming a husband she never had, is familiar to many of us – how do you fight city hall? And her suggestion that AARP lives in a fantasy world not that helpful to our reality of aging and retirement. Amen to that. Every story touches home.


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