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Sharing a Giving Story

As I whined through Thanksgiving this year (Why am I alone? Why don’t my kids call more often? Why can’t I stop eating too much? Why is it so grey outside?), I remembered what I learned from a vital little book called, Prison to Praise, by Merlin Carrouthers. His message condensed is that the Lord tells us to praise Him everyday, all day. Be thankful in all things and that all things will be turned to the good...somehow. Even for my aching back? Yes, even for that, Merlin tells us.

Gratitude and giving pull against my wicked flesh often but I know I must work at them. Anyway, I needed a message that would lift me out of my depressed holiday mood. Actually, it found me, as often happens when the Lord hears me heading for a cliff.

Anderson Cooper took his Thanksgiving show to talk with Mitch Albom, our popular Detroit journalist and author. A conversation about grief, loss, and what I call "the why-oh-whys" and the Why mes" of life. Mitch's books explore how hurts and losses can have an up side. Then Anderson asked about Mitch's monthly visits to Haiti to build the lives of children there. Wanna forget about yourself and those current trials?

Join Mitch and Anderson for a soul inspiring story about making a difference.

I'd love to hear your reactions to Mitch's story in the comments below. Do you think believing in future good outcomes are healing to the soul?


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