• Kaye Curren

Taking a Year-End Sabbatical

Dear Friends:

I’m planning a refreshing of the spirit, the soul, and body in December. I will be joining my church in a 21 day prayer time. I believe at this time, I should “set the world down” for a while. I look forward to this time as I hope to gain a clearer head, calmer emotions, and better health. I knew this was a good move when I came to never want to see another holiday sales pitch, another Facebook meme, or another rant from CNN. I’m hoping to be able to quell my insane curiosity to know what’s going on. (You may see me in and out of FB and the news because I have no self-control of my own.)

At the end of 21 days, I will pack my bag full of toys (I did buy a few) and contraband fudge and fly Delta to New York where await my daughters, Mary and Jenny, grandchilds Elodie and Ishann, and partners Steve and Rahul. We will eat and be merry if no one gets the flu or bronchitis or bedbugs or even if someone does. (Someone has had a minor plague every year since I have been going there.)

As I exit for the year, I thought I’d share some of the images of the season from past blog posts. Hope they put you in a holiday mood. Blessings for this holiday season. Stay warm and safe.

See you in January, 2019!



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