• Kaye Curren

Good Deeds Really Matter

Who says our news media around the world doesn’t report happy stories of help and kindness? I was beginning to doubt it. After skimming through last week’s headlines, I decided to purposely seek out stories of people doing good for others. I was surprised to find that most of those I found came from major news sources. Discovering them allowed me to believe that goodness is still alive in the hearts of men -- and of reporters.

Here are 10 links to happy stories of people doing good to other people, pets and football players. They warmed my heart. I hope they warm yours.

If you have a good news story you'd like to share please include the link in the comments below. We can always have more.

Homeless Good Samaritan Helps Kansas City Chiefs Player Reach Playoff Game

Tiny Kittens Rescued After Falling Through Ceiling During Hurricane Michael

Millions of Dollars Set to Benefit California Wildfire Relief After 1,500 Brewers Serve Up Special Beer

Priest takes pope’s mandate – good deeds for all – across US

Police officer buys diapers for woman accused of stealing them

Man’s Good Deed Saves Stranger’s Vacation

A note on the windshield and a good deed that made this mom's day

Deputy praised for pushing stranded woman in wheelchair over 1 km to her home

Now, in case you find yourself on overload with sad or disturbing news this next week, here are some roundups of good deeds presented by two more of our most prominent news outlets - just in case you want a dose of feel-good with your lunch.

12 Incredible Things People Have Done to Help Out

Stories of Good Deeds: NPR Listeners Share Tales of Kind Strangers, Acts of Generosity



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