• Kaye Curren

Lists, Anyone?

10 Tips for Composing a Listicle

Listicles, information presented in list form, can be fun and/or informative. They are especially useful in our digital age because they come to us in scannable sight bites, saving us time when looking for answers. They work nicely as a blog post, an article or an essay. They can often make us laugh with a humorous take on any topic.

Here are 10 tips for writing an engaging listicle:

  1. Pick a topic -Your topic for a listicle should be something you want to write about but also something your readers will relate to. A listicle for a publication should match the themes and content of your target publication. A blog post should match your blog identity.

  2. Decide on your number of list points – a listicle with additional text may be best with fewer points (5-10). Short one sentence lists can be longer (10-20).

  3. Find your focus – you might want to research what others have done with your topic. Then you can find your perspective that is unique and individual.

  4. List your main points- Put points in order if your topic requires it. Otherwise, find the best order for your particular list.

  5. Edit your list – You will want to edit the list for clarity and content – Does your list make sense? Does it engage the reader?

  6. Make your entries skimmable - even if you are giving examples or explanations after your list points, brief is best. To do this, you want to tighten up the writing – eliminating any unnecessary words without losing meaning.

  7. Write your ending – Wrap up your points bringing the piece back around to your original nd offer useful or humorous conclusion.

  8. Add an introduction – introduce your topic and include your unique perspective.

  9. Pick a title – find a title that best displays the meaning and topic of your list. Don’t forget that keywords will cause your piece to be found on search engines.

  10. Adding images – images can enhance your listicle if they add to your information or if you are writing humor.

Listicle Samples

Here is a listicle I wrote for a while back. I like the way it inspires me. It's composed of quotes and personal comments:


Here’s a listicle from Buzzfeed that demonstrates that straight one line list which includes images, which are vital for this kind of pictorial essay.



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