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Grandparent Books

GRAND Magazine, a lovely publication for grandparents has put out a wonderful list of books for kids about their grandparents. What a list to have around for birthdays and holiday gifts. What a way to keep yourself in the grandkids’ sights as they grow up.

I understand my granddaughter has recently discovered the book I sent her last year called,Here Comes Grandma by Janet Lord. I like that one because grandma is a fast-moving traveler who comes to visit anyway she can get there. My son-in-law tells me they have read it MANY times now.

Here is “50 Grand Books With Grandparents.” These are books that can be sneaked into gift bags each year to remind those grandkids that we grands are indeed part of their lives.I hope you find a book just right for you and yours.

Grand has also published two of my grandparent musings. They are:

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