• Kaye Curren

The Gym Is Calling You

Five Ways to Get Yourself Back to the Gym

I have two months to look svelte for a writers’ festival in May – a most exciting adventure. Then in June, I have to be fit to walk Brooklyn with my daughters and their children. They show no mercy to this old, sedentary grandma. But here’s the thing. I never want to go to the gym. I really prefer walking around my home where I can look at a pond with ducks and trees. But I can’t do that when the wind blows my hat off, the snow drops in buckets, and the ice makes my path a skating rink.

I’ve decided to sign up for the new 30-day package at my local gym because I'm not sure I'll stick to it. A trial run, as it were. And won’t Spring come to Michigan by April? Only if I sign up for the gym. The sun will shine. The wind will stop blowing. The snow will cease – as soon as I sign up for the gym. So I’ll sign up for the sake of us all.

I toured around the internet and found a multitude of suggestions on how to get myself to the gym and keep myself there. I’ve modified them to speak directly to me. I hope they speak to you too. Might I see you at the gym?

  1. Keep seeing the image of the new you. See yourself attending that special event as a well-dressed, svelte woman with confidence.

  2. Set yourself a realistic goal. Ten minutes the first day, for example. then 20 minutes as you progress. After a week, do twenty minutes and speed it up. Aim for thirty by week two.

  3. Chat with some people at the gym. Share your goals. Get to know someone who has your goals. Challenges love company.

  4. Get some comfortable workout clothes. Find something spunky like a colorful pair of tights and a sweatshirt that make you feel good. Be sure your shoes fit and are comfortable.

  5. Keep your gym bag packed and ready. Stow that bag somewhere handy at all times. Stock it with the following: your workout clothes and shoes, a water bottle, a towel, and And a lively music list on your phone and your earphones attached for easy access.



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