• Shana Scott/Kaye Curren

Do You Hate Rejections?

I looked up recently and realized I had not sent a single submission for months. I’ve been writing. I’ve been reading and researching. I have loads of idea and plenty of pieces in some stage of finished. But my last few submissions came back rejections. And rejection does not feel good. I guess I had shut down. I was just not ready to expose myself to the big “no” again. I felt guilty and a little ashamed of myself until I came across an article on the Jane Friedman website by Shana Scott. No one had ever told me it was OK to not submit my work - that if needed, I should find my own time to get back in the game. If you also find you are not wanting to take a chance on rejection for a while, read Shana’s article. You will feel better.

When You’re Just Not Ready for Rejection


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