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What Matters to a Copyeditor - An Interview

Mary Norris and Benjamin Dreyer

Talk Grammar and Style

Lit Hub May 1, 2019

A while back, I watched a video of Mary Norris holding forth on the Oxford comma. I was happy to find that Mary and I were, in fact, in agreement about those commas. It thrilled me to think that I agreed with the illustrious copy editor of the highly regarded “New Yorker” magazine. Since then, I keep track of what Mary tells me about English grammar (just in case I have to send something to the “New Yorker.”)

Lit Hub has put out a charming interview with Mary Norris in their May 1 online magazine. In addition, to spice things up, "the Hub" has added Benjamin Dreyer, copy chief at Random House to the interview. How much more grammar expertise do we need? Click into the link below to find out what two pros say about our copy and their editing.

What Matters to a Copyeditor

And after you've read it, come on back here and tell me your greatest grammar challenge. My waterloo is getting the verb tense consistent throughout a piece. Drives me crazy. I need a good copy editor!


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