• Kaye Curren

Beta Reader Tips

Updated: Jan 8

I’m about to launch into another series of beta reader requests for my new essays submissions due this summer. I thought a checklist of what I need from the beta reader and what that reader might need from me would be helpful - something for me to consult as I am sending out my requests. These tips come from three years of working with beta readers of all skill levels. They have come to be the most important to me. I hope this list helps you as well. If you think of a vital additions to either list, please include them in the comments below or email me at

What I most want from a beta reader:

  1. Someone I relate to and can communicate with.

  2. A reader and a writer with experience in my genre.

  3. A person with some knowledge of the publishing game.

  4. A person who would most likely read my topic in terms of age, gender, interests.

  5. A person who does not know me and has not seen the piece before.

  6. An honest appraiser but not a karate chopper.

  7. One who will give clear comments throughout the manuscript.

  8. Someone who is reliable and will meet promised deadlines and criteria.

What a beta reader should be able to expect from me:

  1. A clean and revised manuscript – not a first draft.

  2. An inquiry of what format they prefer. Word, Google, Scrivner

  3. A file that identifies TitleAuthorNameBetaReaderName

  4. A required due date.

  5. A checklist of my specific concerns for the piece.

  6. A request for an honest appraisal – with details-concise but kindly remarks.

  7. A sincere thank you

  8. An offer to reciprocate.


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