• Kaye Curren

How Puzzles Help Your Brain

USA Today has a useful article on their blog this week about jigsaw puzzles and what they do for us. I love it because about October, 2018, I discovered jigsaw puzzles.

It all started with an article by Malcolm Gladwell in my Masterclass about how putting together a nonfiction essay is comparable to doing a jigsaw puzzle. “Malcolm likes to do jigsaw puzzles. And he likens his writing process to working on a puzzle. He makes the pieces fit, which brings him satisfaction in the same way finishing a puzzle does.” I’ve been fascinated with that concept ever since.

But to try to understand what Mr. Gladwell was saying, I went out and bought a puzzle and put it together. And then another. And then another. Puzzles have now become part of my daily routine. If you love order. If you a little anal-compulsive, you will find puzzles feed a deep need in you.

The USA Today report brings up eleven benefits of doing puzzles you may not have realized are there. I have experienced every one of these benefits. (Even though my daughter laughs at me and says, ”Jigsaw puzzles are for old people.” That hurt a little, but it didn’t stop my fascination with doing puzzles. Each puzzle offers a new challenge.

Some of the benefits of puzzle solving are increased cognitive skills and lowered stress. Who wouldn’t want that? Here is the link to the USA Today article.

The Surprising Benefits of Puzzle Solving for Adults

NOTE: Puzzles can be purchased from Puzzle Warehouse, Amazon, and Serious Puzzles to name a few outlets.



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