• Kaye Curren

Son Says He's Sorry


I want to share a Good News Network article and video with you today. It’s called

“Man takes Mom on bucket list adventure as redemption for unappreciative younger years.”

The story of mother and son strikes a chord with me. I was not the sweetest to my precious mom back in the day. I thought my parents were clueless-that is until I got married, had a breakdown, and got left with two babies and no home or job. Mom started looking quite a bit wiser then.

The video of Sian Pierre Regis and his 75-year-old mother, Rebecca, made me cry as I would love to have taken my mom on her own adventure. I know she always wanted to see Ireland, the land of her ancestors. By the time I thought of it, she said she was too old and not interested in traveling. The video is a feel good tear-jerker. You may cry too. (Scroll down on the link page to see the video.)

My Mom


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