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History of a Writer's Blog

August 1, 2019 was my fourth anniversary of blogging. I thought I would tell you what's happened since I retired from event planning and decided to become a writer.

On May 24, 2014, I started WWAAY – Women Writers of Ann Arbor/Ypsi, and continued to plan events: meetings, conferences and readings with the help of an amazing volunteer crew. A writer’s group of five met every month for two and half years while all this was going on. What fun we had. But it did begin to be all consuming. Not much of our own writing was getting done. So, on May 24, 2018, exactly four years later, we packed up and went home to pursue new career paths, to develop author presences, and focus on that current novel or memoir.

On August 1, 2015, I built a website and started my blog.

In October, 2016, I had my first piece published on the Erma Bombeck Workshop blog. Need I explain the jumping and shouting that occurred? Because truthfully, I did not believe I would see my name in print.That made me excited to try again and I did. Now, eight Erma pieces, a Literary Mama essay, three Divorced Mom stories, and two stories in prominent anthologies later, I’m a published author!

In November, 2017 my first book of essays was published on Amazon and again there was a lot of jumping and shouting. I never thought I would do all I had on my list. But I did! That lead me to try even harder to become the best writer I could be.

In April, 2018, I attended the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop in Dayton, Ohio. Two days of workshops and meeting so many talented humorists. I attended my first book signing there for the Erma anthology in which I had a piece about planning my funeral. I also entered the Erma contest but did not win. But I won new friends who now help me polish my future works. At the workshop I met and secured a critique for my future memoir from The Book Doctors. They told me I had a Meryl Streep rom com and I should turn it into a novel, which I am doing.

May, 2019 may have been the best event I have attended since I started writing. Wordplay in Minneapolis featured, Stephen King, Mary Karr, Scott Turow, Dave Barry and the Rock Bottom Remainders as well as other incredible authors. What a two-day trip. I went alone, stayed alone so that I could wiggle my way into every front row seat I could. I got a photo with Mary Karr, bought Dave’s book, and rocked out at the Friday night concert with my new friend, Lynn. Being up close and personal with famous authors told me one thing – they are nice people, they’ve been where I am – and there is NO reason, I can’t get there too.

Onward to the rest of Year 5 of the Write That Thang blog. Join me, will you? Below I have listed ten of my favorite blog posts - two for each year. I would love to hear which one you like the best in the comments below.

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