• Kaye Curren

Bringing Back Christmas

Being alone this year, I decided to decorate and design my own Christmas. I hadn’t lifted a finger for Christmas for years as most of the time, I visited my children and they did all the work.

I found a tree at Big Lots with lights preplaced, marked down to ten dollars. After placing some well-thought-out ornaments from Target, I enjoyed the presence of that tree but each time I went to plug in the lights, another ornament fell to the floor.

Then I bought a tiny poinsettia and a big poinsettia to fill in the lack of festive color in my living room. The little one dropped its leaves in two days.

The big one is staunchly holding its own by the picture window. Since I name my plants, I named the little one, Droopy and the big one, Gloria.

Next potpourri. Why potpourri? I don’t know. I have a memory of it being a hot item back in the last century when my parents prepared for Christmas. After consulting with two retail salespersons who assured me my dried flowers would fill the room with scent, I placed bowls of potpourri about the room. My potpourri did nothing but sit there but they look nice in their little glass bowls. I decided to scratch the scent.

For food, I bought a roasted chicken, chicken dressing, a potato, chicken gravy and broccoli which I hate but I know it’s good for me. The dessert made the difference with an otherwise uninspired meal. Vanilla ice cream. I live for vanilla ice cream. I don't think you want a photo of a dead chicken - roasted or not.)

Now for the pièce de résistance. A bottle of Bailey’s Cream Sherry. (OK, Mullins. The greedy consumers at Walmart bought all the Baileys.)

This year I wanted to invoke fond memories of my mother dearest who loved her Bailey’s on holidays. She found a six pack of beer sufficient for daily consumption but on Christmas, she broke out the fancy stuff.

Bailey’s also reminds me of the years in New York when my friend Kristy and I sat in the window of a quaint little bar on the Hudson in Cold Spring and got sloshed on Irish coffees. The Irish whiskey soothed our many man and job problems.

This Christmas, I shall partake of my Baileys Irish coffees (Mullins) by my picture window and reminisce of days gone by. I will reflect on every man and every job that got away, and I will be aware of the peace I now live in without them. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All.


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