• Kaye Curren

Looking Toward an Exciting New Year

Updated: Feb 1

"Yet in starting the newsletter I rediscovered the joy of writing as a fundamental way of being in and moving through the world. It felt so unexpectedly good. I wrote what I wanted, what came from the gut, without any nagging train of thought in the head about who would read and where that would position me and how that would advance my career and what opportunity would open up. I just wrote for the joy of paying attention to my everyday life, thinking about what matters."

Sarah Menkedick | Longreads | January 2020

SUCCESS OF THE SPIRIT, MIND, AND BODY: I was in meditation one morning when I was taken with a feeling that 2020 was going to be a quite successful year. Now I’m not sure what that means. Could mean of the spirit, mind, body, or materially. I hope it’s all four. Spirit- the Holy Spirit falls on me expressed by the song I heard last night- Christina Aguilera singing “Fall on Me." Mind: I’m hoping to use more of my brain than 10% this year. Body: Years and years of addiction to food and sugar have fallen away. Result of prayer for a long time. It's a miracle. Thank you, Jesus. Material: I would love a windfall to do more with my writing, go places, meet people.

BALANCE IN WRITING: In 2020, I want to balance my desire to publish with the joy of creating something that matters to both me and my reader. Having faced rejections of my work last year forced me to evaluate my writing. I need to think of my reader more. What do we both want? There's a moment on a piece when I KNOW it is what it is meant to be for both of us. Those are the ones that publish.

DEPTH AND EMOTION: I hope to write with more depth and emotion this year. I’m always hiding behind my humor, terrified to be exposed. But I can’t reach readers with milk toast, (unless they love milk toast, of course). I have issues in my life I could address, childhood abuse, an alcoholic mother, depression, eating disorders. I feel they’ve all been done over and over. But if I can find a unique perspective, I will delve into those life topics.

UPGRADE MY PUBLISHED WORKS: Create my brand of sorts-zeroing in on who I am as a nonfiction writer. I'll begin research into better markets for my personal essays, humor articles, and reviews. My previous successes tell me I can go higher. I'll depend on Susan Shapiro's excellent book, The Byline Bible.

FAMILY: The delight of my life will be to spend two week-long visits in New York with my family – June and December – with two dynamite grandchildren who take my mind off of all my stresses. They’ll be 3 and 4 this year. They are both moving toward public schools in Manhattan. A new challenge for parents and children.

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